Reguengo is in an exceptionally beautiful location - and because that is the case, the way to us does not only lead along main roads.


To make your first journey to your destination as easy as possible, here are a few tips to help you find Reguengo.



The best thing to do is to follow this link directly to our Geo-Koordinaten. If you would like to be navigated via Google Maps (recommended), please make sure to select the fastest route in the settings, not the shortest.



If using a different navigation system, please enter the following geo-coordinates:


37.39871835624671, -8.690308394760581

Here, too, the following applies: Select the fastest route.


If you would like to reach your destination by analogue means, we recommend that you read the following directions and, if possible, print them out.


Directions from Faro

Directions from Lisboa

Please note

There is no mobile phone reception for the last few kilometres to us. If you use a smartphone for navigation, please set it to the correct course in good time.